MELT Self-Care Bundle

Learn How To:

  • Treat your neurofascial system – the stability system of your body
  • Release stuck stress in your neck and low back
  • Alleviate body-wide chronic aches and pain
  • Boost your body’s natural repair and restore mechanisms
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Create your own customized self-treatment plans

You’ll need a Soft Roller and Hand and Foot Treatment Kit to take this course — these required MELT tools, as well as The MELT Method e-book, are included in the Bundle.

Price: $147.95   Buy Now!



MELT Super Bundle with e-Book

Best Value!
Price: $149.99  Buy Now  


MELT On Demand

MELT On Demand Offers Self-Care Anywhere™
Price: $119.99 annual membership with a 7 day free trial!   Buy Now


MELT Performance Bundle with DVD

Save when you buy them together!   The MELT Performance Bundle contains everything you need to start MELT Performance now.

Price: $79.99  Buy Now

meltmethod transparent bundle

MELT Roller Bundle

Buy the MELT Roller and MELT DVD together and save!
Price: $89.99  Buy Now


MELT Soft Roller

Price: $69.99  Buy Now
Buy Now


MELT Method Hand and Foot Kit Bundle

Great Value!
Price: $59.99  Buy Now


MELT Hand and Foot Kit

Price: $49.99  Buy Now


MELT Method Book – Paperback

Price: $18.99  Buy Now



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