MELT Outdoor classes  now available for small groups

New Outdoor MELT Restore 4 session series
Starts Tuesday, Oct 4 @ 11AM  (50 min class)
No class on Oct 18, Last class Nov 1
Fee $70 for series / or $20 drop in

To participate in a class, you must be able to get down and lie on the floor for five minutes, then stand up again. Otherwise, please book a private session so I can accommodate your needs.

To register for classes please contact me directly (see contact information below)

Private Sessions by Appointment
Call (858) 204-8676 or

Location:  Poway Studio – call for location
Introductory rate for first time clients available
Private sessions are customized to your interests, needs, and ability

MELT 90-minute Intro Restore Class

Fee: $35 per person
Date and Time to be announced
Location: to be announced

90-minute Intro Performance class

Fee: $35 per person
Date and Time to be announced
Location: to be announced

Kathy Sausser


I am an Occupational Therapist and Certified Hand Therapist with over 30 years of experience treating patients with a variety of Upper Extremity Injuries. I added MELT to my practice in 2015 and have seen amazing results that not only improved my treatment outcomes but have enhanced the overall efficiency of my clients’ neurological function and wellness . I am passionate about MELT and desire to share this self-care technique with others so they too can experience MELT’s benefits.


MELT Method

The MELT Method (MELT) is a breakthrough self-treatment technique that helps prevent pain, heal injury, and erase the negative effects of aging and active living.  MELT simulates the hands-on techniques of manual therapy to eliminate stress, pain, and dysfunction. It is the first neurofascial technique and brings your body back to a more ideal state by directly enhancing body awareness, re-hydrating connective tissue, and quieting the nervous system. The first time you MELT, you see and feel a difference!

“Connective tissue hydration is required for the extensibility necessary for whole-body stability.”

In this post, the creator of the MELT Method, Sue Hitzmann, talks about the ins and outs of inflammation, and what you can do about it…At the root of inflammation is the body’s ability to protect itself. It’s a biological “take control and protect” reaction. It is at the heart of our immune system. Our …

“A little proactive self-care goes a long way to keep you pain-free and active for a lifetime.”

In this post, the creator of the MELT Method talks about some simple tips to stay pain-free today. How does a body remain upright and stable as we age – or better yet, why doesn’t it? Why is it that no one ever complains about getting taller as they age? Why is it that we …

“You can’t be efficiently mobile if you are inefficiently stable.”

In this article, the creator of the MELT Method, Sue Hitzmann, explains how you can heal when you hurt:   Pain is a construct of the mind. The brain creates the sense of pain as a way to let you know that something is wrong and the brain can’t figure out what it is. It’s trying …

“Transform your body from the inside out” … MELT for Athletes!

From the blog of Sue Hitzmann:  When I was 12, I was introduced to bodybuilding methods of strength training. My first exercise was a pull-up. A man at the gym where my family friends play tennis told me “once you can do it 10 times on your own, come find me and I’ll show you …

“A healthy body is one where all systems effortlessly connect, support, and maintain balance.”

In this blog post, Sue Hitzmann, creator of the MELT Method, describes seven simple steps to aging better…  From birth through infancy, the initial creation and then progression of organized movements ultimately create a walking pattern. We develop reflexes that can be defined and create milestones and markers ultimately allowing our brains, more specifically neurons …


I’d love to hear from you!  Please email or call me for private consultations, classes, or any other questions.  (858) 204-8676.  Thank you, Kathy




MELT Self-Care Bundle

Learn How To:

  • Treat your neurofascial system – the stability system of your body
  • Release stuck stress in your neck and low back
  • Alleviate body-wide chronic aches and pain
  • Boost your body’s natural repair and restore mechanisms
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Create your own customized self-treatment plans

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